Gun Control (again)

Practical Gun Control   <— pdf

Once again, the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde have led our illustrious leaders to consider “gun control”, as if inanimate objects are the real problem.  The health and stability of a society is based on the virtue of the people, not the text of the laws.  But once again, the bodies have barely cooled off, and Congress and the Biden administration have once again seen fit to reduce the rights of the people as an antidote for the actions of the criminal elite and the mentally disturbed.  I have enclosed a set of essays on the subject written just after the last big school shooting in Newtown, CT in 2012.  Nothing has changed, and the rationale for gun control is as weak as ever.



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A History of U. S. Coinage

History_Of_US_Coinage      <— pdf

Dear Readers:

The attached pdf file describes the history of coinage in the U. S. since 1791.  “Coinage” here means gold, silver and copper coins (referred to as “minor coin”).  Although Congress authorized coinage of money in 1791, none was actually coined until 1793.  The dollar was defined as a weight of silver, and was changed at various times in the 1800’s.  The dollar was defined de facto as a weight of gold in 1879, and formalized in 1900.  In 1933, the dollar was separated from gold, and became a fiat currency domestically, although was technically still defined as a weight of gold.  Silver was removed from U. S. coinage in 1965, and since then all our coins consist of nickel, zinc, and trace amounts of copper.

All the data in these charts are from my recent book “The Control and Manipulation of Money”, available for free download at

The book also contains a complete history of monetary legislation, bank condition statements, descriptions of the various banking systems, as well as a tutorial on free-enterprise economics.  I hope you will find it informative.

Thanks for reading,

Ed Duvall

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A Standard of Living Index in the U. S.

Standard Of LivingIndex   <– pdf

Dear readers:

I have defined a standard of living index (SLI) as the ratio of median family income index (MII) to consumer price index (CPI).  It is intended as a crude metric for determining if the standard of living is nominally increasing or decreasing.  Please note that it applies to urban families, all occupations, and all races per official U. S. government statistics.

The enclosed pdf shows the data in the U. S. from 1800 to 2020.  All the indices are referenced to the year 1913 (=100).  See my book “The Control and Manipulation of Money”, pp. 175 ff for more details on how the income indices and consumer price indices were developed.  It is available for free download at

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New solar energy book announcement

29 Mar 2022

Dear readers:

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest book, A Solar Energy Estimator.  It is the documentation for a solar panel model by the same name.  This model permits a user to evaluate the power generation, electricity cost savings, and return on investment.  The model is fully documented, and it explains the importance of geometry, location, amount of cloud cover, and generic atmosphere characteristics that ultimately determine whether a solar panel installation is cost-effective for you.

Download both the documentation (pdf, 2.25 Mb) and the model (Excel, 383 kB) at:

Thanks for reading,


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