Real World Graduation, Question 81: Test Drives

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A person went to a new car dealer to buy a new car. He found one that he was interested in, and the dealer offered to let him take a test drive, but required that the prospective buyer first provide his drivers license so the dealer could make a copy of it before the test drive.  Why did the dealer want to see the license and make a copy?

a) To check with the police to see if the prospective buyer has any outstanding arrest warrants and report him to the local police.

b) To make sure the prospective buyer is legally allowed to buy a car.

c) To see if the prospective buyer has any unpaid parking tickets, and report him to the local parking violation bureau.

d) To verify that the prospective buyer has adequate automobile insurance, in case of an accident during the test drive.

e) Some combination of the above, which varies from state to state depending on the state and local laws.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)

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