Real World Graduation, Question 87: Football and Statistics

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On a football team, a “cornerback” is a defensive player whose main job is “pass defense”. His job is to “cover” the other teams’ pass receivers.  His duties include preventing the receiver from catching a pass from the quarterback, intercepting the pass if he can, and tackling the receiver if he does catch a pass from the quarterback.  He also has other defensive duties related to defending against running plays and blocking.

What would be the best way to determine, based on statistics collected over player’s careers, of which cornerbacks were the most highly skilled at pass defense?

a) Total number of interceptions of passes

b) Total number of tackles made against receivers who caught passes

c) Sum of total number of interceptions and number of passes broken up

d) Sum of total number of interceptions and fumbles forced (i.e., total “turnovers”)

e) Some weighted combination of all of the above

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)


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