A Summary of Early American History

From_Revolution_to_Constitution   <== PDF version

Dear readers:

I have created a set of Powerpoint charts in .pdf format that will help you understand early American history. These charts detail the history of the conflict with Britain prior to the Revolution, the war, and the problems that occurred afterward. The main point is to show the difficulty of governing under the Articles of Confederation, and why a union of the states under the Constitution was necessary. Last, it discusses the importance and continuing relevance of the Federalist Papers (Hamilton, Madison, and Jay). It generally follows the pattern of one of my books (as mentioned at the end).

You may distribute these as you see fit.  I especially hope it will prove helpful in appreciating early U. S. history and why the Constitution took the form it did.

If you have any questions, please contact me at eduvall@fremontvalleybooks.com


Ed Duvall



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