Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Be Indicted, Part 3

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I shall mention a few other things in this, my third essay on why Hillary Clinton cannot be indicted.

In my second one (1 Jul 16), I predicted that the FBI would issue a report making all sorts of excuses for Clinton.  On 5 Jul 2016, FBI Director James Comey held a press conference, outlining all the sordid details of the email situation, and then claiming that no prosecutor would pursue the case as a criminal matter because “intent” was lacking, although some classified data was certainly exposed on unclassified computer systems.  He did not explain why the FBI was making a recommendation, since the FBI normally assembles facts and leaves the decision to the prosecutor’s office as to whether an indictment should be handed down.  But I can see his point: since the fix was in from the start, he was merely saving Attorney General Loretta Lynch the inconvenience of having to address the issue directly.

The Democrats praised James Comey for his fine public service and outstanding integrity.

Then came the issue with Anthony Weiner.  Mr. Weiner, as you may recall, was forced to resign as Congressman over allegations that he sent emails with explicit sexual content to an underage girl. Mr. Weiner is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long-time aide and confidante at both the Department of State and the Clinton Foundation.   The FBI had been investigating that case when they discovered emails to and from Hillary Clinton on Huma Abedin’s laptop, which she shared with Mr. Weiner.  The FBI then had a problem: what if this laptop contained copies of emails that the FBI had promised to destroy in order to protect Clinton, or even worse, contained new ones they had not previously known about?  Mr. Comey had to conduct a search into those emails, but also had to notify Congress that he was doing so, having previously promised to keep Congress abreast of any new developments.  That letter went to Congress on 28 Oct 2016.

The Democrats condemned Mr. Comey; Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi even said that Mr. Comey’s qualifications were now suspect; he was now an ally of Mr. Trump; a Republican toady hired by a Republican, a force for evil trying to inject the FBI into an election; Adolf Hitler’s second cousin (or words to that effect).

But, to the FBI’s relief, the emails found on Ms. Adedin’s laptop were duplicates or purely personal; it was an easy matter to dispose of them along with the previous batches before any of them leaked out.  Today (6 Nov 2016), Mr. Comey sent a letter to Congress in which he stated the email investigation of Clinton was now closed, and the latest investigation did not change his conclusion as stated on 5 Jul 2016.

The Democrats now regard Mr. Comey as a fine public servant worthy of the highest approbation from patriotic Americans everywhere.

So the fix continues, like it would in any other place run by the Chicago mafia.  The FBI certainly has done it’s part in getting Hillary “I cannot tell the truth” Clinton elected President.

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