Review of the 2016 Election, Part 2: The Democrats

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As usual, the presidential candidates offered up by the Democratic Party represent the highest levels of incompetence, corruption, and the brand of divorced-from-reality idealism that only an experienced Democratic officeholder can deliver.

First we were offered former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley.  He was previously a member of the Baltimore City Council (1991 – 1997), then the Mayor of  Baltimore (1999 – 2007), and then Governor of Maryland (2007 – 2015)  He is an advocate of the usual assortment of destructive initiatives: a) general amnesty for all illegal aliens, including in-state tuition; b)  gun control; c) same-sex marriage; d) opposition to capital punishment, and e) higher taxes and more taxpayer money wasted.  In other words, the typical Democrat: a naive dreamer with no solutions.

Next we were offered Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  Mr. Sanders boasts about being a Socialist, and of course, always votes with the Democrats in the Senate.  Mr. Sanders is unique among Democrats because of his honesty in pointing out the dishonesty of Mrs. Clinton.  Mr. Sanders is a true believer in socialism.  Here is a guy who actually believes that the Russian people were better off under Lenin and Stalin than under the Tsars; that the Germans were better off under Hitler than under the Weimar Republic; that the Chinese were better off under Mao than under the previous warlord system; that the Cuban people are better off under the Castro brothers than their predecessors; and that the Italians were better off under Mussolini than his predecessors.  He complained loudly, with some justification, that the Democratic primaries were rigged in favor of Mrs. Clinton.  His support came mostly from academics and the impressionable college students who have not yet experienced reality.  He claims, as do all socialists, that he can provide everyone with a free utopia at the expense of the greedy rich people, but as usual, never explained exactly how that would work.  We don’t know if he is dumb enough to believe that man can create paradise on earth, or if he is smart enough to dodge the issue.

Then there was the traditional establishment favorite, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She tried to take the middle ground on every issue.  She believes socialism is the better economic system, but will tolerate crony capitalism so long as she gets a cut of the take.  She believes in the free and fair democratic process, so long as she was allowed to use her power and contacts to corner the market on the Democratic superdelegates, virtually assuring her nomination unless she were to lose two-thirds of the primaries in the respective states.  She believes in public service, so long as no one complains about her proven record of selling her office as Secretary of State, and laundering the money through the Clinton Foundation.  She believes that only government officials can be trusted, although she herself is a known prolific liar, especially about her mishandling of classified information on her non-secure personal electronics while Secretary of State.  She also has a proven record of incompetence while holding that office.  She engineered the overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya, resulting in that nation becoming an al-Qaeda influenced failed state.  She failed to understand the rise of ISIS.  She failed to understand the dynamics of the Syrian civil war.  Like Mr. Obama, she believed that there was a middle way in the Middle East, a concept disproved by history.

Mrs. Clinton was able to secure the Democratic nomination by intrigue and manipulation.  In the general election, she lost to Mr. Trump, not because he was a good candidate, but she was so bad.  She routinely insulted the voters, she assumed the office belonged to her as the queen-in-waiting, and she failed to address the economic issues that (ironically) gave her husband the Presidency in 1992.

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