Real World Graduation: Question 13

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A sports fan (father of three young children) is in a clothing store and finds a jersey from his favorite major league sports team in his size that is on sale at $75.00. It normally sells for $100.00 (i.e., the $75 represents 25% off regular price).  The jersey is a genuine one, authorized by the major league franchise (not an imitation).  Why is this jersey a good deal?

a) The sports fan can show his support for the team whenever he wears it.

b) If he wears it to a game, the players will appreciate that he is one of their fans.

c) He can use it to teach his children the value of teamwork.

d) The jersey may become a valuable collectible in the future.

e) Some combination of all of the above.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)


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