Real World Graduation: Question 22

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The editor of a local newscast has received four stories from his reporting staff on a certain day. The four stories concern a) an armed robbery in which two victims were stabbed, but not fatally; b) a local woman who claims to have proof that wearing white underwear causes skin cancer, although she has made many claims over the years and all of them have been proven incorrect; c) the Governor made a speech at a local hotel outlining his budget recommendations for next year; and d) the owner of a popular local restaurant was arrested for drug possession.  Which of these stories will lead off that evening’s newscast and why?

a) The armed robbery story, because violent crime affects the most people in the community.

b) The white underwear story, because it provides people with important information to help them protect their health.

c) The Governor’s speech, because it is required by law.

d) The restaurant owners arrest, because people want to know if the restaurant will still be open.

e) They will be broadcast according to the chronological order in which the four events occurred that day.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)


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