Real World Graduation: Question 28

RealWorldGraduation_Question_28  <– PDF

A woman is shopping at a mall, and has a small bag of with one purchase from one of the various stores she has visited. She enters into another store, and sees a sign saying “Please leave all bags at the desk for your convenience”, and a store employee informs her that all her bags must be left at the front desk while shopping.  All the other shoppers are doing likewise.  In what ways is this convenient?

a) She won’t have to carry that other little bag around with her in the store

b) She won’t be running the risk of having someone steal from her bag while she is shopping

c) She will have more room in her cart

d) She will not run the risk of losing the small bag while shopping

e) Some combination of the above.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)


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