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Can You Afford That Student Loan?

CanYouAffordThatStudentLoan   <–  Free book in PDF format

Dear Readers:

I have written a new book called “Can You Afford That Student Loan?”  My reason for writing it is that it seems there are a lot of young people who do not understand the overall economic implications of taking on student loan debt.  I have read many cases recently where students find themselves overwhelmed by the payments on their student loans after graduation.  The idea behind this book is to show the aspiring student how to evaluate the economic benefit of taking out a student loan to obtain an education.

This book contains more than just a calculator — it shows, using a nomograph system, the entire relationship between interest rates, repayment term, monthly repayment, income potential from selected professions, and income requirements to avoid cash flow problems after graduation.  With the simple system outlined here, the aspiring student can get the “big picture” of return on investment in an education.

The book is free, and you may download it and distribute it as you see fit.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at


Ed Duvall

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