Real World Graduation, Question 45: Allocation of Blame

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A wife had to go to a Garden Club meeting. She told her husband to stay home while she was out, and asked him to watch Channel 6 and get the winning lottery numbers.  Also, she did not like the friends he was likely to hang out with (especially Bob).  The husband was resentful of the way his wife had ordered him around.  While his wife was gone, the husband noticed that they were out of beer, so he decided to violate his wife’s wishes.  He left the house to go and buy some beer.  On the way, his truck ran out of gas.  So he called his friend Bob, who met him where the truck was, and brought him a few gallons of gas.  Bob went back home, and the husband continued onto the store.  As he was going into the store, a mugger tried to hold him up.  The husband refused to give the mugger his beer money, so the mugger shot and killed the husband.  Who is to blame for the death of the husband?

a) The wife, for not treating the husband with respect, which provoked him into leaving the house. If he had stayed home, he would be alive now.

b) The husband, for leaving the house when his wife specifically told him to stay home.

c) Bob is at fault because he provided the gas that enabled the husband to get to the store where he was killed.

d) The husband, because he refused to obey the mugger.

e) Everyone in the story shares some of the blame except for the wife.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)


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