Real World Graduation Question 46: Music Videos

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The first music video network, called “Music TV”, better known as MTV, was launched in Aug 1981. It began by showing video clips of musical acts, and later expanded to commentary on popular culture, reality shows, satire, and some political activism, mostly concerning the environment and getting young people to vote.  There are now several music video networks, among them are VH1 and CMT.  What is the underlying purpose of the music video networks?

a) To finally give young people an opportunity to see their favorite musical acts without censorship by the traditional networks

b) To allow a youth-oriented culture to express itself over the airwaves

c) To provide an opportunity for up-and-coming musical acts to obtain some exposure

d) To allow the recording companies to test the potential popularity of their new acts before committing to a full contract

e) All of the above

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)



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