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What We Learned in 2020

What We Learned In 2020      <— PDF

It was a bad year all around, I think we can all agree on that.  But we did learn some important things, which are instructive for the future.

We learned that it is possible for a government to sweep aside a lot of bureaucratic red tape and get a vaccine for a virus in less than a year; in fact several vaccines were developed. Mr. Trump did an excellent job organizing the various research firms, regulators, and logistics experts to help them speed along the development, testing, approval, and distribution of two vaccines in less than ten months.

But we also learned that governments can be pathologically incompetent, as when Governor Andrew “The Malignant” Cuomo of New York required nursing homes to take in patients already positive for the Wuhan virus, thus enabling it to spread to many other elderly people in the nursing homes. This uncaring incompetence led to about 10,000 unnecessary deaths in that state. But not to worry: Cuomo the Malignant got an Emmy award for his press releases.  Now he is demonstrating his true malignance by showing, even after six months of planning, that he is unable to get the vaccine into people’s arms, once the federal government delivered it to New York.  But not to worry: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and MSMBC all say he is doing a great job.

We learned that the bias in the media has reached truly bizarre proportions:

a. It turns out that the Wuhan virus actually came from a Chinese research lab in Wuhan, China, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us.

b. It turns out that masks are not the panacea for reducing the spread of the Wuhan virus, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us.

c. It turns out that the Democratic Party will tell any lie and commit any crime, including fixing elections, in order to gain power, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us.

d. It turns out that Mr. Trump never was under any Russian influence, nor did his 2016 campaign collude in any way with the Russians, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us. Even now those networks maintain the fiction, even as Mr. Mueller, the FBI, and two Congressional committees disproved it.

e. It turns out that Americans are willing to do as instructed once they are convinced of the necessary measures, to restrain the spread of the virus. But we also learned that nearly all of our politicians violated their own dictates, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us. It seems that the public has about had enough of this hypocrisy, and we will see what happens when more detrimental orders are issued.

There are other things we learned as well:

a. It turns out that the FBI has joined the IRS as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. They had previously destroyed the evidence against Hillary Clinton in her email scandal; they manufactured evidence against Mr. Trump regarding Russian collusion. The FBI declined to say what they knew about Mr. Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine, even when Mr. Trump was being impeached for asking about it.

b. It turns out that this level of corruption is not confined to the FBI: the Department of Justice is in on it too. We learned that Mr. John Durham, supposedly investigating the illegal methods used by the FBI to promote the Russian collusion lie, has no intention of seeking legal remedies. He probably found that there was a lot more evidence against the FBI than he thought, so he had to expand his “investigation” [“cover-up squad”] and hire more “prosecutors” [“demolition team”] to destroy all the evidence.  It takes a lot of time and manpower to get rid of that much, if you want the job done right.

c. It turns out that Mr. Eric Swalwell, Democratic Congressman from California, had close ties to a known Chinese spy (Christine Fang), and even allowed said spy to insert an intern into Mr. Swalwell’s office, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us. Mr. Swalwell once said to Chris Matthews (18 Jan 2019), “I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence that he (Mr. Trump) is not” (an agent of the Russians). What goes around comes around.  I’ve not seen a single piece of evidence to suggest that Eric Swalwell is not a full-bird Colonel in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  I’ve not seen a single piece of evidence that Mr. Swalwell is not a full-time agent for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.  If those are not true, I encourage Mr. Swalwell to prove they are not true.  But he can’t — he has already told us that all the facts about his relationships with the Chinese are classified.

d. It turns out that Facebook and Twitter also operate as if they are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, contrary to what CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC told us. How else would one explain suppression of the story about the incriminating documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop? Speaking of which, the FBI has been working overtime to make sure that laptop gets destroyed, along with all the copies of the hard drive contents.  Once again, it takes a long time, even for true professionals, to get rid of that much evidence, if you want it done right.

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The Errors of Sean Hannity, 14 Dec 2020

ErrorsOfSeanHannity_20201214   <– PDF

Mr. Hannity’s monologue tonight was very interesting, as he reviewed the role of the mainstream media in several disgraceful escapades over the past few years:

  1. The false story about collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia in 2016;
  2. The false basis upon which Mr. Trump was impeached in regard to Joe Biden’s quid pro quo corruption adventures in Ukraine;
  3. The failure to report on Hunter Biden’s tax problems and money-laundering accusations prior to the election;
  4. The failure to ask Joe Biden any relevant questions during the campaign (except for the particularly penetrating one in which he was asked what flavor ice cream he bought);
  5. The failure to vet either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as to their positions on relevant issues.

That was all well and good, but then Mr. Hannity showed a collage of CNN and MSNBC Democratic operatives earlier in the year downplaying the possibility of a vaccine for the Wuhan virus before the end of 2020; all of them claimed that Donald Trump was delusional.  The vaccine began distribution and inoculations today (14 Dec 2020).  But that was where Mr. Hannity went wrong: he forgot to point out that the mainstream media, ignorant and arrogant as they are, can never allow themselves to be proven wrong.  He failed to anticipate the mainstream media’s next lines of attack against Donald Trump:

  1. “The vaccine doesn’t work.” Their “proof” will be to point out that the number of cases will continue to rise over the next few months. (Of course they will: the entire nation cannot be vaccinated all at once.)
  2. That Donald Trump used unfair trade practices in favor of Pfizer and Moderna to get the vaccine developed. To do so, they will enlist some Democratic Party hack who claims to know a guy who knows a guy who once worked at Pfizer as a security guard.
  3. That Donald Trump used political threats to intimidate the FDA into approving the vaccine for use. As evidence, they will bring on the same guests as before, the ones that said a vaccine couldn’t be developed in less than five years. They will use the new party lines:
  4. “You can’t have a vaccine in less than five years unless you want one that is more dangerous than the virus”.
  5. “This non-working vaccine is racist, like Donald Trump, because it doesn’t seem to work for people of color.”

Well, you get the idea.  Nothing good can or will be said by CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, or MSNBC about either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine; we will continue on lockdowns until the Biden administration manages to get another one approved.

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Review of the 2016 Election, Part 4: The Media

PDF version –> reviewofthe2016electionpart4media

The so-called “mainstream” media is still in shock over the Presidential election; it is impossible for them to understand how their chosen queen, Hillary Clinton, could lose the election against such an unconventional and defective candidate like Donald Trump.  The best explanation they have come up with is that every half-baked retarded irredeemable deplorable in the nation suddenly sobered up on Election Day and decided to vote against their own best interests.  Their constant harping over the popular vote vs. the Electoral College vote only proves their unlimited power to make excuses.  It the Electoral College, dummies, as it has been since the founding of the republic.

We hear a lot about the “liberal bias” in the mainstream media.  It is actually a socialist bias, and it comes from several sources.  First, most journalists and commentators happen to be socialists or at least raving 1960’s liberals; convinced that their platform and ideology is the only correct one, it imperative (they think) to educate/indoctrinate all the unwashed ignoramuses as to benefit of arbitrary government power (except against them).  Underlying this attitude is the assumption that they are uniquely qualified to determine who should have political power and who should not.  Secondly, many in the media would rather create or shape the news rather than report it, partly to advance the cause, partly to widen their audience to justify higher compensation, and partly to get closer to the powerful as a means to gain influence for their own benefit.  The mainstream media has given up on checking the growth of government power; they are now actively endorsing it. The members of the media have become powerful by association with the powerful.  Third, their embrace of socialism requires that they believe in their own moral superiority; the causes they endorse are righteous because they are righteous; they are correct policy because they are correct policy, and nothing more need be said about it.  Fourth, in this day of 24-hour news channels, there is an enormous amount of airtime to fill.  It is now possible to provide time to those with the most extreme views as a way of making garden-variety socialism seem reasonable.  Fifth, the quest for revenue causes the news and opinion shows to have a great many commercials, and the “interviews” (I am using the term loosely), are so short as to be useless for an honest examination of facts or claims.  There is barely enough time between commercial breaks for the moderator deliver a sermonette disguised as a question and for the guests to shout their slogans or talking points over each other.  The long-suffering public learns nothing.  One tunes into ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and PBS to be entertained, not informed.  FNC is only marginally better.  When you read The New York Times editorials, it suddenly occurs to you that Jayson Blair was the most logical writer they ever had.

Socialists in general are ignorant of history: they actually believe that paradise on earth is possible, which ignores the nature of mankind.  The only thing missing is enough government power to enforce paradise: so the media, probably without realizing it, promotes tyranny in the interest of freedom.  But it will never tolerate unfreedom for itself, only for you.  They are identical in function to the corrupt medieval Catholic church.

But the one thing the socialist mainstream media is most angry about is that Mr. Trump found a way via social media to bypass their filtering function.  He was able, using his formidable name-recognition, to take his message directly to the public (not to mention he had the right message for this election cycle).  I don’t think policy by 140-character spontaneous random neuron-firing is a good way to govern.  Unfortunately, the modern mainstream media is simply not up to the task of performing the important function of examining the government’s actions.  It is either too ideologically biased, too ignorant of history, too partisan, or too lazy.


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